Friday, March 11, 2011

living room

i made this installation when i first started the post bac program at SFAI in 2003.  before starting grad school, i was making small, tentative collages and books.  the fist crit was pretty rough and, in classic first-semester-of-grad school fashion, i decided to drop it all and make something big and completely new to me. 

it was really fun.  i found the crazy wallpaper at a thrift store and a pile of green carpeting in a dumpster.  i sprinkled grass seeds on the carpet and left it outside school in the rain...  the grass sprouted and i moved it inside to an empty studio that i took over.  i bought plastic aquariums plants and a bag of river rocks at home depot.  a strange little world began to take shape.  over the semester it kept growing and changing.... sometimes visited by snails collected in my friend's garden. 

8 years later and i'm still thinking about the same things...  the overlap between interior and exterior spaces.  the natural and artificial.  careful arrangements.  a little kitsch.  some interesting creatures crawling about.  it's all here.  the original fake nature.

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