Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i love this sculpture

Jessica Jackson Hutchins
Convivium (2008)

Table, linen, papier-maché and ceramic

I just started a ceramics class at Xiem Clay Center in Pasadena and I've been thinking about ways to integrate the objects that I make with papier-maché. I love the way that Jessica Jackson Hutchins does this in her work.

Here's a quote from the artist:
"I use common and simple objects because they can act as nouns. Strung together, they resonate like catchy song lyrics: chair, bowl, pants. They are also weird together, and loving, too. Sometimes the materials look old or crappy and that gives the sculptures a sense of urgency. They have a “by any means necessary” or punk sensibility. I don’t think the sculptures would be very interesting if they didn’t also possess disruptive qualities, if they weren’t tough and insistent. I’m not attached to dilapidation for its own sake. It’s just the way things look when they are really part of the world. They’re not slick and pristine."

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