Friday, October 22, 2010


I just started working as a studio assistant for one of my favorite artists. It's amazing being in his studio- there's so much going on. Sculptures and collages and paintings and just STUFF everywhere! It's inspiring and, of course, it makes me a little jealous. I hope that I can someday work at that scale.
One of the reactions that I often get to my work is "What if this were the size of a room?" or "What if you made a hundred of these?" That can be really frustrating to hear, even if it's sometimes true.
A lot of artists that I love work on a huge scale using many small pieces... Sarah Sze and Tara Donovan were huge influences when I first saw their work (at the MCA in 1999 and at the Berkeley Art Museum in 2007, respectively).

sarah sze

tara donovan

And a few more...
leslie shows

nick cave

fred tomaselli

janelle iglesias

"the shell shop" in morro bay

Making so much stuff (without studio assistants) can be incredibly tedious- I really dislike it. The most labor intensive/boring piece that I've made was "Snakelace". I cut SO many snakes out of white felt and covered all of the walls of a small room, with a hanging piece in the middle.

Luckily, I could work on the project almost anywhere... :)

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