Tuesday, October 12, 2010

mark manders at the hammer

I really loved this show. I wish I could have taken photographs in the museum because I can't find images of my favorite pieces. The descriptions that accompanied the sculptures were great: "If you are in a room with two books, a table, some clay, some pieces of wood, and a newspaper, this is one of the things you can make and place in front of you."

From the Hammer website:
"Through his sculptural practice, the artist seeks to bypass language, translating his thoughts and obsessions directly into three-dimensional objects—existing and self-made—and tableaux that incorporate figures, animals, household furniture, archeological fragments, everyday objects, and architectural components. Transformed by their proximity to one another, these mundane sculptural elements collectively evoke a mysterious world of daydreams and fairy tales."

His work reminds me a lot of Robert Gober's, one of my favorite artists. There are some obvious similarities such as the fact that they have both made their own newspapers.


Also, one of Mander's pieces at the Hammer was a slideshow of his sculptures in different environments. This reminded me of Gober's "Slides of a Changing Painting," an early piece that established his personal iconography... Both are interesting self-portraits.

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