Saturday, October 23, 2010

the miniature

"A shell is a little thing, but I can make it look bigger by replacing it where I found it, on the vast expanse of sand. For if I take a handful of sand and observe what little remains in my hand afer most of it has run out between my fingers, if I observe a few grains, then each grain individually, at the moment none of the grains seems small to me any longer, and soon the shell itself–this oyster shell or limpet or razor clam–will appear to be an enormous monument, both colossal and intricate like the temples of Angkor, or the church of Saint-Maclou, or the Pyramids, and with a meaning far stranger than these unquestioned works of man."
from Francis Ponge- "Notes Toward A Shell"

Some small sculptures by Vincent Fecteau:

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